Benjamin Reynolds

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Cancer patients (n = 913) who received treatment within the previous 2 years were interviewed to quantify reports of symptoms associated with cancer, measure the impact of symptoms on lifestyles, document experiences with accessing information and treatment for cancer and its symptoms, and record attitudes about the level of care received. Cancer patients(More)
Studies concerning the psychological treatment of erectile dysfunction in men without partners are reviewed. A significant majority of single men experience improved erectile functioning following surrogate-assisted or men's group therapy. However, the expense and unresolved legal status of surrogate therapy and logistical problems in forming men's groups(More)
BACKGROUND This study assessed the clinical sensitivity of three fully automated, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), and hepatitis B virus (HBV) triplex nucleic acid test (NAT) assays by individual donation (ID-NAT) and at operational minipool (MP-NAT) sizes used worldwide. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS MPX, Ultrio, and Ultrio Plus(More)
BACKGROUND There have been no comparisons of the relative sensitivity of the two Food and Drug Administration-licensed multiplex (MPX) nucleic acid test (NAT) systems (Procleix Ultrio [Gen-Probe], TIGRIS platform [Novartis]; and cobas TaqScreen MPX [Roche Molecular Systems], cobas s 201 platform [Roche Instrument Center]) for detecting hepatitis B virus(More)
The handling of death in a special care nursery and the needs of bereaved parents were studied in 12 families. Communication was good before death but less satisfactory thereafter, particularly with regard to postmortem results and advice concerning recurrence risk. Parents needed a lasting memory of their child and attached great importance to a tangible(More)
Many important questions drive reform-minded instructional development in higher education. During such a limited encounter as one college course, can students learn the scientific-reasoning skills they need to succeed in their careers? Can students equip themselves to make informed decisions that will have far reaching consequences for their lives and the(More)
The ubiquitous use of Augmented Reality (AR) applications is dependent on an easy way of authoring and using content. Present systems depend on specific authoring tools or content delivery systems that provide a limited amount of freedom and content ownership to the author compared to the possibilities of the World Wide Web (WWW). Third Surface is a system(More)
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