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Amino acid selective isotope labeling is a useful approach to simplification of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra of large proteins. Cell-free protein synthesis offers essentially unlimited flexibility of labeling patterns but is labor-intensive and expensive. In vivo labeling is simple in principle but generally requires auxotrophic strains,(More)
There is strong evidence of the positive role that youth engagement programs and policies play in creating resiliency and producing positive outcomes among youth populations, such as delaying or avoiding the onset of risk-taking behaviors. Research also suggests that achieving positive outcomes ideally includes influence from the individual, the family, the(More)
Research evidence points to harmful effects from alcohol advertising among children and youth. In particular, exposure to alcohol advertising has been associated with adolescents drinking both earlier and heavier. Although current federal and provincial guidelines have addressed advertising practices to prevent underage drinking, practice has not been(More)
Concept Inventories (CIs) are short, multiple-choice exams that evaluate a student's understanding of core concepts of a particular course. CIs are especially useful for evaluating the effects of pedagogical techniques and interventions on student learning, as their focus on core concepts means any student should be able to answer the questions, and their(More)
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