Benjamin Raj

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Sputa of 200 treatment failure cases of pulmonary tuberculosis over a period of 1991-1995 were subjected to culture and sensitivity testing against commonly used anti-tuberculosis drugs. Out of 200 cases, 75% revealed resistance to one or more anti-TB drugs, resistance to isoniazid was observed in 72% cases, it was 49% for rifampicin, and 37% for(More)
This study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of omental plugging in the management of large duodenal defects and analyse the serial histopathological changes occurring in the omental plug and the edges of the defect until healing occurred as evidenced by complete mucosal cover. The study was conducted in 12 dogs. Through a laparotomy wound a 20 mm(More)
Adenosine deaminase activity was measured in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with confirmed tuberculous and bacterial meningitis. The values were compared with those of control subjects without meningitis. A statistically significant increase in the level of this enzyme was noted in the two types of meningitis, but no definite demarcation in the levels was(More)