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The Welfare State, Turnout, and the Economy: A Comparative Analysis
While the economic voting literature is voluminous, comparatively little attention has been paid to the question of how—or whether—the economy affects turnout. I address this issue by examiningExpand
Condorcet Winners and the Paradox of Voting: Probability Calculations for Weak Preference Orders
choice literature. Given this problem, social choice theorists have attempted to estimate the probability of Condorcet winners, given certain empirical or theoretical conditions. We shall estimateExpand
Politics, Markets, and Life Satisfaction: The Political Economy of Human Happiness
  • Benjamin Radcliff
  • Economics, Political Science
  • American Political Science Review
  • 1 December 2001
Little is known about the political determinants of subjective well-being across nations. The dominant theoretical approaches, comparison and trait theory, suggest that cross-national differencesExpand
Labor Organization and Public Policy in the American States
While the effort within the state politics literature to isolate the political determinants of public policy represents one of the most successful research programs in political science, researchersExpand
Public Policies and Suicide Rates in the American States
We are interested in the relationship between public policies and outcomes measuring quality of life. There is no outcome more final than the ending of one’s own life. Accordingly, we test theExpand
Assessing the Welfare State: The Politics of Happiness
While there is a vast and highly contentious literature devoted to understanding the economic, social, and political consequences of the welfare state, little attention has been paid to theExpand
The Political Economy of Competitive Elections in the Developing World
Theory: Theories of economic voting are applied to competitive elections in the developing world. Hypotheses: The effect of the macroeconomy on electoral support for incumbent parties is mitigated byExpand
State Intervention and Subjective Well-Being in Advanced Industrial Democracies
While there is a vast and contentious literature devoted to the debate over “politics versus markets,” scholars have devoted little empirical attention to the fundamental question of how the choiceExpand
Turnout and the Democratic Vote
Although political folk wisdom has long suggested that high turnout works to the advantage of the Democratic Party, this hypothesis has not fared well when subjected to empirical testing. The authorExpand
Polling America : an encyclopedia of public opinion
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