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Existing research on the effect of social media use on political behavior has yielded mixed results to date, demonstrating the importance of research examining the effects of varying types of social media communication on political behavior. The experiment reported in this study provides valuable insights into the role of social media in elections. A(More)
ISSN: 1051-0974 (Print) 1745-1035 (Online) Journal homepage: A Multifactor Approach to Candidate Image Benjamin R. Warner & Mary C. Banwart To cite this article: Benjamin R. Warner & Mary C. Banwart (2016) A Multifactor Approach to Candidate Image, Communication Studies, 67:3, 259-279, DOI: 10.1080/10510974.2016.1156005(More)
In this study, we assess the extent to which attending a candidate rally was associated with distrust of democratic institutions, epistemic rigidity, attribution of malevolent intentions to the political outgroup, and acceptance of political violence. Surveys (N = 251) were distributed at rallies the night before and day of the 2016 Iowa Caucuses. Results(More)
Sustainability appraisals produce evidence for how well water governance regimes operate and where problems exist. This evidence is particularly relevant for regions that face water scarcity and conflicts. In this study, we present a criteria-based and participatory sustainability appraisal of water governance in a region with such characteristics-the dry(More)
In 2014, media outlets deemed political satirist John Oliver's show the best of the year. Described as “the online water-cooler,” his show has become a talking point for many on social media. In this study, we tested the effects of such political comedy and the influence of social pressure in a simulated Facebook environment (N 1⁄4 189). Participants in(More)
Researchers have noted that an individual’s processing of political media messages occurs through various filters including partisanship, interest, and cynicism. The phenomenon of motivated processing, however, is understudied particularly in the context of televised presidential debates. As major campaign events, presidential debates have been linked to(More)
Family can be a key site of support for individuals who are diagnosed with a health issue, as long as the health condition is known within the family unit. This online experiment investigated variables that influence the likelihood that college students will disclose a hypothetical health issue to a parent. Family communication patterns (FCP) theory(More)
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