Benjamin Röben

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Currently, different competing waveguide and resonator concepts exist for terahertz quantum-cascade lasers (THz QCLs). We examine the continuous-wave (cw) performance of THz QCLs with single-plasmon (SP) and metal-metal (MM) waveguides fabricated from the same wafer. While SP QCLs are superior in terms of output power, the maximum operating temperature for(More)
We report on a broad-band terahertz quantum-cascade laser (QCL) with a long Fabry-Pérot ridge cavity, for which the tuning range of the individual laser modes exceeds the mode spacing. While a spectral range of approximately 60 GHz (2 cm(-1)) is continuously covered by current and temperature tuning, the total emission range spans more than 270 GHz (9(More)
We studied the nanoplasma formation and explosion dynamics of single large xenon clusters in ultrashort, intense x-ray free-electron laser pulses via ion spectroscopy. The simultaneous measurement of single-shot diffraction images enabled a single-cluster analysis that is free from any averaging over the cluster size and laser intensity distributions. The(More)
Terahertz (THz) quantum-cascade lasers (QCLs) are powerful radiation sources for high-resolution and high-sensitivity spectroscopy with a discrete spectrum between 2 and 5 THz as well as a continuous coverage of several GHz. However, for many applications, a radiation source with a continuous coverage of a substantially larger frequency range is required.(More)
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