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because of both the global energy crisis and the necessary improvement of energy efficiency in buildings, one of the largest sectors of energy consumption and greenhouse gases emissions, a strategy allowing managing energy resources is proposed. Its aim is reducing energy consumption and promoting the use of renewable energy, while ensuring thermal comfort,(More)
both indoor temperature regulation and energy resources management in buildings require the design and the implementation of efficient and readily adaptable control schemes. One can use standard schemes, such as "on/off" and PID, or "advanced" schemes, such as MPC (Model Predictive Control). Another approach would be considering artificial intelligence(More)
In this article, ways for improving the energetic performance of buildings are investigated. A state of the art leads to the introduction of a performance indicator expressed in kWh/m/yr. To improve the value of this indicator, a processor-based prototype of a real-time data-acquisition and monitoring system is developed in collaboration with two industrial(More)
The present work focuses on investigating ways to enhance the energetic performance of buildings i.e. on proposing control strategies for managing energy in buildings. Therefore, control algorithms were tested using a prototype, composed of a building mock-up, a monitoring system and a data posttreatment software. The data acquisition system allows(More)
A novel influenza A (H1N1) virus detected in April 2009 rapidly spread around the world. North American provincial and state laboratories have well-defined roles and responsibilities, including providing accurate, timely test results for patients and information for regional public health and other decision makers. We used the multidisciplinary response and(More)
Energy consumption in buildings is currently a real problem. That is why both assessment of energy performance and effective energy management are essential. In this context, the present paper focuses on developing a commercial monitoring station (BEMS) with the support of three industrial partners, ApexBP Solar, Pyrescom and the "Centre Scientifique et(More)
The present paper focuses on using fuzzy logic as a useful tool to manage energy resources in buildings and to reduce their energy impact. To that purpose, one requires the design and the implementation of efficient and readily adaptable control schemes. As everyone knows, fuzzy logic allows taking advantage of the flexibility offered by linguistic(More)
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