Benjamin P. Smith

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Reproductive behavior in Drosophila has both stereotyped and plastic components that are driven by age- and sex-specific chemical cues. Males who unsuccessfully court virgin females subsequently avoid females that are of the same age as the trainer. In contrast, males trained with mature mated females associate volatile appetitive and aversive pheromonal(More)
BACKGROUND The social life of animals depends on communication between individuals. Recent studies in Drosophila melanogaster demonstrate that various behaviors are influenced by social interactions. For example, courtship is a social interaction mediated by pheromonal signaling that occurs more frequently during certain times of the day than others. In(More)
Staircase codes, a new class of forward-errorcorrection (FEC) codes suitable for high-speed optical communications, are introduced. An ITU-T G.709-compatible staircase code with rate R = 239/255 is proposed, and FPGA-based simulation results are presented, exhibiting a net coding gain (NCG) of 9.41 dB at an output error rate of 10, an improvement of 0.42 dB(More)
The optimal performance-complexity tradeoff for error-correcting codes at rates strictly below the Shannon limit is a central question in coding theory. This paper proposes a numerical approach for the minimization of decoding complexity for long-block-length irregular low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes. The proposed design methodology is applicable to(More)
We examine the inbreeding load for adult life span and mortality rates of two seed beetle species, Callosobruchus maculatus and Stator limbatus. Inbreeding load differs substantially between males and females in both study populations of C. maculatus--life span of inbred females was 9-13% shorter than the life span of outbred females, whereas the life span(More)
BACKGROUND Associative memory formation requires that animals choose predictors for experiences they need to remember. When an artificial odor is paired with an aversive experience, that odor becomes the predictor. In more natural settings, however, animals can have multiple salient experiences that need to be remembered and prioritized. The mechanisms by(More)
This paper presents the work of an expert group established by the International Life Sciences Institute - European branch (ILSI Europe) to follow up the recommendations of an international conference on "Risk Assessment of Compounds that are both Genotoxic and Carcinogenic: New Approaches". Twelve genotoxic and carcinogenic chemicals that can be present in(More)
A pragmatic coded modulation system is presented that incorporates signal shaping and exploits the excellent performance and efficient high-speed decoding architecture of staircase codes. Reliable communication within 0.62 bits/s/Hz of the estimated capacity (per polarization) of a system with L = 2000 km is provided by the proposed system, with an error(More)
Commonly found in raw oysters, Vibrio vulnificus poses a serious health threat to immunocompromised individuals and those with serum iron overload, with a fatality rate of approximately 50%. An essential virulence factor is its capsular polysaccharide (CPS), which is responsible for a significant increase in virulence compared to nonencapsulated strains.(More)