Benjamin P Heilman

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Based on first principles, a hypothesis was made on the potential correlation between entropy and degradation of machinery components in an earlier investigation of stochastic characterization of degradation dynamics. This paper reports on an experimental study in which degradation in the form of wear of model machinery component pairs was made on an(More)
This study proposes an optimal set of lower-limb muscles to be stimulated electrically with a 16-channel neuroprosthesis that will allow persons with paraplegia caused by spinal cord injury to stand and shift postures smoothly, thus minimizing muscle fatigue and facilitating performance of activities of daily living. We used a three-dimensional (3-D) 15(More)
The goal of this study was to devise an algorithm that would allow the user of a functional electrical stimulation (FES)-based neuroprosthesis to command desired transitions in body center of mass (COM) via smooth changes in lower extremity joint angles. Simulations were performed with a musculoskeletal model modified to reflect an individual with thoracic(More)
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