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Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a popular logic programming paradigm that has been applied for solving a variety of complex problems. Among the most challenging real-world applications of ASP are two industrial problems defined by Siemens: the Partner Units Problem (PUP) and the Combined Configuration Problem (CCP). The hardest instances of PUP and CCP are(More)
Answer Set Programming (ASP) is an expressive knowledge representation and reasoning framework. Due to its rather simple syntax paired with high-performance solvers, ASP is interesting for industrial applications. However, to err is human and thus debugging is an important activity during the development process. Therefore, tools for debugging non-ground(More)
The CDCL algorithm is the leading solution adopted by state-of-the-art solvers for SAT, SMT, ASP, and others. Experiments show that the performance of CDCL solvers can be significantly boosted by embedding domain-specific heuristics, especially on large real-world problems. However, a proper integration of such criteria in off-the-shelf CDCL implementations(More)
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