Benjamin Musitsch

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Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a popular logic programming paradigm that has been applied for solving a variety of complex problems. Among the most challenging real-world applications of ASP are two industrial problems defined by Siemens: the Partner Units Problem (PUP) and the Combined Configuration Problem (CCP). The hardest instances of PUP and CCP are(More)
The CDCL algorithm is the leading solution adopted by state-of-theart solvers for SAT, SMT, ASP, and others. Experiments show that the performance of CDCL solvers can be significantly boosted by embedding domainspecific heuristics, especially on large real-world problems. However, a proper integration of such criteria in off-the-shelf CDCL implementations(More)
Answer Set Programming (ASP) is an expressive knowledge representation and reasoning framework. Due to its rather simple syntax paired with high-performance solvers, ASP is interesting for industrial applications. However, to err is human and thus debugging is an important activity during the development process. Therefore, tools for debugging non-ground(More)
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