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USer Interface eXtensible Markup Language (USIXML) consists in a User Interface Description Language (UIDL) allowing designers to apply a multi-path development of user interfaces. In this development paradigm, a user interface can be specified and produced at and from different, and possibly multiple, levels of abstraction while maintaining the mappings(More)
A transformational approach for developing multimodal web user interfaces is presented that progressively moves from a task model and a domain model to a final user interface. This approach consists of three steps: deriving one or many abstract user interfaces from a task model and a domain model, deriving one or many concrete user interfaces from each(More)
Most existing graphical user interfaces are usually designed for a fixed context of use, thus making them rather difficult to modify for other contexts of use, such as for other users, other platforms, and other environments. This paper addresses this problem by introducing a new visual design method for graphical users interfaces referred to as " visual(More)
This paper addresses the problem of the graceful degradation of user interfaces where an initial interface is transferred to a smaller platform. It presents a technique for pagination of interaction spaces (e.g., windows, dialog boxes, web pages) based on a multi-layer specification in the user interface description language UsiXML. We first describe how an(More)
We have developed GrafiXML, an original user interface builder in that it enables designers and developers to design several UIs simultaneously for multiple contexts of use, i.e. for many users, platforms, and environments. For this purpose, it maintains coordination between three representations: an internal representation consisting of specifications in(More)
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