Benjamin Michéle

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Smart TVs are slowly becoming ubiquitous in households and offices, offering an ever-growing number of features such as Internet access, media players, and built-in cameras and microphones. They are physically placed in sensitive locations and connected to trusted home and business networks. These TVs use the same operating systems and software stacks as(More)
In this demo we show a practical attack against the built-in media player feature of Smart TVs. We created a malicious media file that will compromise the target TV during playback. This gives a remote attacker full, permanent control over the device, including all of its peripherals. The victim, however, cannot detect the attack, as the media file is being(More)
Fault attacks against cryptographic schemes as used in tamper resistant devices have led to a vibrant research activity in the past. This area was recently augmented by the discovery of attacks even on the public key parts of asymmetric cryptographic schemes like RSA, DSA, and ECC. While being very powerful in principle, all existing attacks until now(More)
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