Benjamin Mandler

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High performance computing systems display increasing complexity and component counts. This trend exposes weaknesses in the underlying clustering infrastructure needed for continuous availability, maximizing utilization, and efficient administration of such systems. To mitigate the problem, we present a highly scalable clustering infrastructure, based on(More)
As HPC systems and applications get bigger and more complex, we are approaching an era in which resiliency and run-time elasticity concerns become paramount. We offer a building block for an alternative resiliency approach in which computations will be able to make progress while components fail, in addition to enabling a dynamic set of nodes throughout a(More)
Acknowledgements I wish to thank the many people whose comments and suggestions innuenced this work. I am deeply indebted to my advisor, Azer Bestavros, for his continuous guidance and support. His contribution is invaluable to this research. I would like to thank Abdelsalam Heddaya for his suggestions and constructive critisism that have been so helpful to(More)
Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is rapidly emerging as a new paradigm for automating complex business processes in secure and decentralised fashion. Currently, however, its wider adoption is hampered by scalability problems [3] rooted in an inherent tension between stringent consistency, security, and robustness requirements on one hand, and growing(More)
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