Benjamin M Srain

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Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity was analyzed as a molecular marker indicative of exposure to organophosphorus pesticide residues in individuals of the endemic clam species Semele solida in selected coastal locations of Chile's VIII Region. AChE activity was assayed in clams from (i) Penco Beach near the mouth of the Andalién River (Concepción Bay),(More)
We reconstructed oxygenation changes in the upwelling ecosystem off Concepción (36 S), Chile, using inorganic and organic proxies in a sediment core covering the last ca. 110 years of sedimentation in this area. Authigenic enrichments of Mo, U and Cd were observed between ca. 1935 and 1971 CE, implying a prolonged period with predominantly more reduced(More)
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