Benjamin M. Gross

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Postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) is a known phenomenon occurring after anesthesia with volatile anesthetics (VA), such as isoflurane. Recent reports suggest that VA interact with neurodegenerative disease-associated proteins including compounds with pathogenic relevance in Alzheimer disease (AD) and induce processes that may be linked to AD(More)
In this work in progress report, we present preliminary results from an interview study on people's use of email addresses and instant messenger usernames. Based on these interview findings, we speculate that many people use multiple identifiers reactively and prosaically, rather than simply proactively and strategically. This has implications for(More)
Identifiers are an essential component of online communication. My research focuses on the ways that social, technical and policy factors affect people's behavior with online identifiers. For example, my research demonstrates that people separate both business and professional roles by communicating with separate identifiers. People may have different(More)
The widespread practice of forwarding is a distinct aspect of the electronic mail ecosystem with implications for security, knowledge management, and the design of email interfaces. Forwarded email messages have increased or decreased credibility or significance depending on the sender's reputation. They provide information about an individ-ual's social(More)
Introduction The existing stock of rental housing falls significantly short of the need in many areas of the country, along at least two dimensions. The shortage of units that are affordable given the incomes of the population is one well-known problem. In addition, the sizes and configurations of available housing frequently do not match the specific needs(More)
In this paper, I describe the results of user interviews that reveal problems in current email systems, including role conflict, high cognitive overhead associated with organization and retrieval, inability to navigate conversations and difficulties in addressing messages. I also describe the design of a prototype system with an underlying message store for(More)
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