Benjamin M Gershman

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CONTEXT The current data analysis tools in nuclear medicine have not been used to evaluate intra organ regional deposition patterns of pharmaceutical aerosols in preclinical species. OBJECTIVE This study evaluates aerosol deposition patterns as a function of particle size in rats and mice using novel image analysis techniques. MATERIALS AND METHOD Mice(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to examine whether a novel lactam bridge-cyclized (111)In-labeled 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-1,4,7,10-tetraacetic acid-Gly-Glu-c[Lys-Nle-Glu-His-d-Phe-Arg-Trp-Gly-Arg-Pro-Val-Asp] {DOTA-GlyGlu-CycMSH} could be an effective imaging probe for metastatic melanoma detection. METHODS (111)In-DOTA-GlyGlu-CycMSH was(More)
Imaging is often used for the purpose of estimating the value of some parameter of interest. For example, a cardiologist may measure the ejection fraction (EF) of the heart to quantify how much blood is being pumped out of the heart on each stroke. In clinical practice, however, it is difficult to evaluate an estimation method because the gold standard is(More)
We have constructed a SPECT system for small animals that utilizes eight CdZnTe pixel detectors. The eight detectors are arranged in a single octagonal ring, where each views the object to be imaged through a single pinhole. Additional projections are obtained via rotation of the animal. Each CdZnTe detector is approximately 2 mm in thickness and is(More)
This study was undertaken to develop a phenotypic model recapitulating the neuropathology of Parkinson's disease (PD). Such a model would show loss of dopamine in the basal ganglia, appearance of Lewy bodies, and the early stages of motor dysfunction. The model was developed by subcutaneously injecting biodegradable microspheres of rotenone, a complex I(More)
The most rigorous scenario for testing a candidate rheumatoid arthritis therapeutic would be to use clinically relevant biomarkers and readouts to monitor disease development in an animal model that has a mechanism of disease that reflects the human condition. Treatment should begin when the full spectrum of arthritic processes, including bone damage, is(More)