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*Endorsement by ACEP means that ACEP agrees with the general concepts in the guidelines and believes that the developers have begun to define a process of care that considers the best interests of patients with migraine headache A. Introduction Headache, one of the most common patient complaints in neurologists' offices and the most common pain complaint(More)
BACKGROUND To determine the relationship between chiropractic manipulative therapy and internal carotid artery dissection, a MEDLINE literature search was performed for the years 1966 through 2000 using the terms internal carotid dissection. Literature that included information concerning causation of ICAD, as well as all case studies and series, was(More)
As routine outpatient neuroimaging became available more than 20 years ago, controversy arose over appropriate selection of patients for computed tomography studies and subsequently magnetic resonance imaging studies. Nowhere is this more apparent than in headache. Because headache is a truly ubiquitous condition with a lifetime prevalence rate reaching(More)
In the 1980s as health care costs were burgeoning at remarkable speed, Dr David Eddy, an MD, PhD, bioengineer, and health care economist, was the first to apply Marcov models to clinical medicine, as well as the first to use and popularize the term ''evidence-based medicine.'' He wrote monthly articles in The Journal of the American Medical Association(More)
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has facilitated diagnosis of Binswanger's disease in vivo, which has proven to be a more common disease entity than once believed. These patients generally present with hypertension, progressive dementia, hydrocephalus, gait difficulty, and personality change. A patient is presented with MRI findings of white-matter(More)
Many neuro-ophthalmic conditions are associated with head or ocular pain; some are benign and others are potentially life-threatening. Rather than listing and describing numerous conditions, this article presents three cases interfacing neuro-ophthalmology and headache, with a discussion of the differential diagnosis, approach to obtaining the proper(More)
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