Benjamin M. Bloom

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the performance of S100-B protein and copeptin, in addition to clinical variables, in predicting outcomes of patients attending the emergency department (ED) following a seizure. METHODS We prospectively included adult patients presented with an acute seizure, in four EDs in France and the United Kingdom. Participants were followed(More)
INTRODUCTION We aimed to determine the rate of preventable death in patients who died early and unexpectedly following hospital admission from the emergency department (ED). METHODS We conducted a retrospective multicenter study in four centers from the Paris metropolitan area. Inclusion criteria were medical patients who died in hospital within 72 hours(More)
BACKGROUND Medical errors and preventable adverse events are a major cause of concern, especially in the emergency department (ED) where its prevalence has been reported to be roughly of 5-10% of visits. Due to a short length of stay, emergency patients are often managed by a sole physician - in contrast with other specialties where they can benefit from(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the short-term cognitive and symptomatic outcome following mild traumatic brain injury. METHODS Setting: Emergency Departments of two UK tertiary referral hospitals. PARTICIPANTS Adult patients presenting to the Emergency Departments of the Royal London Hospital and Salford Royal Hospital with suspected traumatic brain injury(More)
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