Benjamin Lindqvist

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In this paper we derive general formulae suitable for Monte Carlo computation of conditional expectations of functions of a random vector given a sufficient statistic. The problem of direct sampling from the conditional distribution is considered in particular. It is shown that this can be done by a simple parameter adjustment of the original statistical(More)
We present nonasymptotic achievability and converse bounds on the maximum coding rate (for a fixed average error probability and a fixed average blocklength) of variable-length full-feedback (VLF) and variable-length stop-feedback (VLSF) codes operating over a binary erasure channel (BEC). For the VLF setup, the achievability bound relies on a scheme that(More)
The present paper describes the use of hydroxyalkoxypropyl Sephadex in a liquid chromatography system. When the column is held at 40 degrees C, and when elution is made with a linear gradient of two solvents, an excellent separation of saturated triglycerides in the region C(9)-C(56) is obtained in 24 hr, even with sample loads as high as 0.5 g/cm(2) of(More)
In the process of tightening a joint, the angled nutrunner acts on the operator with a torque reaction in the final stages of the tightening sequence. In the following series of experiments, the torque reaction of a machine acting on various joints is studied. A distinctive feature of the torque reaction is that the handle of the angled nutrunner causes a(More)
A procedure is described in which stepwise regression is adapted to permit comparison of the amino-acid pattern from a composite sample with those of simple substances arranged in an easily accessible data bank. The computer program automatically selects from the bank those proteins whose amino-acid patterns best correspond to that of the sample, and(More)
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