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We discuss the video recommendation system in use at YouTube, the world's most popular online video community. The system recommends personalized sets of videos to users based on their activity on the site. We discuss some of the unique challenges that the system faces and how we address them. In addition, we provide details on the experimentation and(More)
FAST-Robots (Framework Architecture for Selfcontroled and Teleoperated Robots) is an object-oriented network control architecture framework for robotics experiments that supports mixed teleoperation and autonomy. Its features are the abstraction from the underlying communication system and its simplicity and flexibility towards modification and extension.(More)
We present a system that automatically recommends videos to the three YouTube users: new, light and heavy. We have proposed YouTube video cross network recommendation system; it extracts users auxiliary information on Twitter to address the three typical problems: new user, cold start and sparsity which are occurring in single network recommendation system.(More)
Echo State Networks (ESN) have been used successfully in a broad range of applications, from dynamic pattern recognition to channel equalization in digital communication systems [5, 7, 9]. Their simplicity and ease of use, paired with their underlying " mathematical power " make them an ideal choice in many black-box modelling tasks. For many applications,(More)
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