Benjamin Lent Davis

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set is an extremely addictive, fast-paced card game found in toy stores nationwide. Although children often beat adults, the game has a rich mathematical structure linking it to the combinatorics of finite affine and projective spaces and the theory of error-correcting codes. Last year an unexpected connection to Fourier analysis was used to settle a basic(More)
Potassium(I) amidotrihydroborate (KNH(2)BH(3)) is a newly developed potential hydrogen storage material representing a completely different structural motif within the alkali metal amidotrihydroborate group. Evolution of 6.5 wt % hydrogen starting at temperatures as low as 80 degrees C is observed and shows a significant change in the hydrogen release(More)
The optical and photophysical properties of phenylacetylene dendritic macromolecules based on unsymmetrical branching are investigated using steady-state and time-dependent spectroscopy. Monodendrons, up to the fourth generation, are characterized with and without a fluorescent perylene trap at the core. The higher generation monodendrons without the(More)
The use of benzenedithiol as a digestant for ammonia-borane spent fuel has been shown to result in tin thiolate compounds which we demonstrate can be recycled, yielding Bu(3)SnH and ortho-benzenedithiol for reintroduction to the ammonia-borane regeneration scheme.
Synthesis of the sterically crowded Tris(pentamethylcyclopentadienyl) lanthanide complexes, (C5Me5)3Ln, has demonstrated that organometallic complexes with unconventionally long metal ligand bond lengths can be isolated that provide options to develop new types of ligand reactivity based on steric crowding. Previously, the (C5Me5)3M complexes were known(More)