Benjamin Lee

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For the past five years, Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology from Texas Instruments has made significant inroads in the projection display market. With products encompassing the world’s smallest data & video projectors, HDTVs, and digital cinema, DLP is an extremely flexible technology. At the heart of these display solutions is Texas Instruments(More)
We describe the Lutonium, an asynchronous 8051 microcontroller designed for low Et. In 0.18m CMOS, at nominal 1.8 V, we expect a performance of 0.5 nJ per instruction at 200 MIPS. At 0.5 V, we expect 4 MIPS and 40 pJ/instruction, corresponding to 25,000 MIPS/Watt. We describe the structure of a fine-grain pipeline optimized for Et efficiency, some of the(More)
Today’s sensing applications require low energy consumption while managing various types of tasks, ranging from processing and communication, to actuation and sensing. In this paper we develop a method to trade off energy availability, from both energy harvesting and storage, with the energy costs of the tasks the sensor node needs to accomplish. Our(More)
The cardiac homeobox gene Nkx2.5 plays a key and dosage-sensitive role in the differentiation of outflow tract and right ventricle from progenitors of the second heart field (SHF) and Nkx2.5 mutation is strongly associated with human outflow tract congenital heart disease (OFT CHD). Therefore defining the regulatory mechanisms controlling Nkx2.5 expression(More)
Nkx2.5, a transcription factor implicated in human congenital heart disease, is required for regulation of second heart field (SHF) progenitors contributing to outflow tract (OFT). Here, we define a set of genes (Lrrn1, Elovl2, Safb, Slc39a6, Khdrbs1, Hoxb4, Fez1, Ccdc117, Jarid2, Nrcam, and Enpp3) expressed in SHF containing pharyngeal arch tissue whose(More)
Soft, pneumatic actuators that buckle when interior pressure is less than exterior provide a new mechanism of actuation. Upon application of negative pneumatic pressure, elastic beam elements in these actuators undergo reversible, cooperative collapse, and generate a rotational motion. These actuators are inexpensive to fabricate, lightweight, easy to(More)
Dr. D. Yang, Dr. M. S. Verma, Dr. J.-H. So, Prof. B. Mosadegh, Prof. C. Keplinger, B. Lee, F. Khashai, E. Lossner, Prof. G. M. Whitesides Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Harvard University 12 Oxford Street , Cambridge , MA 02138 , USA E-mail: Dr. D. Yang, Prof. Z. Suo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences(More)
This paper examines the power consumption in Wired Encryption Privacy (WEP) encryption and decryption. This topic has long been neglected, as the power consumption inside an access point of base station that uses WEP is often not a factor, as designers often assume a reliable power source. We are exploring power consumption within the Information and(More)