Benjamin Le Guen

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This paper describes an adaptive image compression scheme built upon a conventional wavelet coder. The principle is to warp the input signal so as to minimize its coding cost. First, the warping parameters are estimated through an analysis step. Then, the warped image is sent to the basic coder. The warping parameters are transmitted independently. Finally,(More)
This paper proposes a new adaptive scheme to cope with the limits of the conventional 2D wavelet. The principle is to search for the warped version of the original image which is best adapted to this isotropic kernel. Unlike most prior works, the scheme does not rely on geometry detection or exhaustive search for the best local directions. It formulates a(More)
This paper presents a t+2D analysis-synthesis (A-S) video coder which takes into account both motion and geometry. The principle is to pre-distort a group of frames to align the temporal and spatial correlations along the three axis. Motion and geometry are estimated through similar procedures. Distorted frames are obtained through the use of a single(More)
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