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Media Populism: A Conceptual Clarification and Some Theses on its Effects
On the basis of a review of the literature on populism and a definition of populism in general, the concept of media populism is developed. The structural position of media organizations is analyzedExpand
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Populist online practices: the function of the Internet in right-wing populism
ABSTRACT This article develops a theoretical classification of functions of different Internet applications and plattforms in right-wing populism. Its aim is to understand how the Internet is seenExpand
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Populism, Media, and the Form of Society
How does populism understand society and the role of the media, and how can the relationship between populism and the media be interpreted from a perspective of social theory? This article comparesExpand
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Thinking of Others
Media contain various cues to opinions of others and therefore serve as an important source of information about the climate of opinion. We distinguish explicit cues directly describing opinionExpand
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Looking left or looking right? Effects of newspaper layout style on the perception of political news
The perception of political messages may not only be shaped by textual information, but also by its visual appearance. An online experiment investigated how newspaper articles’ layout style and textExpand
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Social Ontologies Online: The Representation of Social Structures on the Internet
It is commonly said that “there are” social structures on the Internet. Expand
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The Mediatization of Music as the Emergence and Transformation of Institutions: A Synthesis
The mediatization of music (i.e., the social construction and structuration of music in the media) is theorized as the emergence and transformation of institutions by synthesizing existing researchExpand
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Four Voices, One Canon?
■ In different countries, radio stations broadcast what is regularly categorized as classical music. The question arises, however, whether the various stations rely on the same concept of the genreExpand
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