Benjamin Korth

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A modeling platform for microbial electrodes based on electroactive microbial biofilms performing direct electron transfer (DET) is presented. Microbial catabolism and anabolism were coupled with intracellular and extracellular electron transfer, leading to biofilm growth and current generation. The model includes homogeneous electron transfer from cells to(More)
Based on the development of bioelectrocalorimetry, allowing the first measurements of heat production of electroactive microorganisms, the microbial electrochemical Peltier effect was discovered. This effect represents an entropic barrier at the interface of an electroactive microorganism and an insoluble electron acceptor during extracellular electron(More)
The personality theory of Cattell depends heavily on the methodology og factor analysis. One of the critical matters for the theory is the replication of factors both within and between variable domains, which depends on the development of significance levels for matching indices like the congruence coefficient. The tables of Schneewind & Cattell have been(More)
Microbial ecology is devoted to the understanding of dynamics, activity and interaction of microorganisms in natural and technical ecosystems. Bioelectrochemical systems represent important technical ecosystems, where microbial ecology is of highest importance for their function. However, whereas aspects of, for example, materials and reactor engineering(More)
Mathematical modeling is an overarching approach for assessing the complexity of microbial electrosynthesis (MES) and for complementing the relevant experimental research. By describing and linking compartments, components, and processes with appropriate mathematical equations, MES and the corresponding bioelectrodes and complete bioelectrochemical systems(More)
The energy content of wastewater is routinely assessed by chemical oxygen demand (COD) measurements that only provide an incomplete picture and the data fundament of other energy parameters remains scarce. The volumetric heat of combustion (ΔCH) of raw wastewater from a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) was assessed using oven drying method(More)
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