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Benjamin Kolbe studierte den Diplomstudiengang Informatik an der Fachhochschule Flensburg. Er bekam 2009 den Titel Diplom-Informatiker verliehen. Schon während des Studiums war er bei der Firma ITD Informationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG als Werkvertragsnehmer tätig. Bei dieser Tätigkeit arbeitete er an verschiedenen Produkten im Bereich der Entwicklung von(More)
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  • 1990
The importance of a holistic treatment approach in patients with oral and maxillofacial tumors is emphasized both under psychological and medical aspects. The objectives of psychological care, which has been integrated into the treatment concept of the University Hospital of Münster since the beginning of 1988, are particularly related to dealing with and(More)
History taking and careful clinical examination reveal alcohol addiction in a great number of the patients with tumors of the lips, oral cavity and oral pharynx. Alcohol, as a cocancerogenic, is not only an important factor in the development of tumors of the upper digestive tube and the respiratory tract, but, as a habit-forming agent, may also present(More)
In connection with investigations to objectify the biological age the authors deal with questions of the relations between biological age and facts representing risks for normal aging. In this paper results are representing and discussed which are based on investigations to determine the biological age of juvenile and maturity diabetics and of a defined(More)
The poly(A) tail at 3' ends of eukaryotic mRNAs promotes their nuclear export, stability and translational efficiency, and changes in its length can strongly impact gene expression. The Arabidopsis thaliana genome encodes three canonical nuclear poly(A) polymerases, PAPS1, PAPS2 and PAPS4. As shown by their different mutant phenotypes, these three isoforms(More)
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