Benjamin Klug

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SUMMARY A better understanding of aluminum (Al) uptake and transport is expected to contribute to unravel the apparent contradiction between Al exclusion and Al accumulation in buckwheat. *We studied the effect of Al supply on the root-tip Al and oxalate concentrations of the apoplastic water free space fluid (WFSF) and the symplast as affected by(More)
Aluminium (Al) toxicity is a major factor reducing crop productivity worldwide. There is a broad variation in intraand inter-specific Al resistance. Whereas the Al resistance mechanisms have generally been well explored in Al-excluding plant species, Al resistance through Al accumulation and Al tolerance is not yet well understood. Therefore, a set of 94(More)
Aluminium (Al) uptake and transport in the root tip of buckwheat is not yet completely understood. For localization of Al in root tips, fluorescent dyes and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) were compared. The staining of Al with morin is an appropriate means to study qualitatively the radial distribution along the root(More)
The detoxification of aluminum (Al) in root tips of the Al accumulator buckwheat by exudation of oxalate leading to reduced Al uptake (Al resistance) is difficult to reconcile with the Al accumulation (Al tolerance). The objective of this study was to analyze resistance and tolerance mechanisms at the same time evaluating particularly possible(More)
This article explores the health problems experienced by victims of trafficking in persons in Australia and analyses the domestic support schemes established to assist these victims. It focuses specifically on the health of adult, female victims who constitute the majority of identified victims, and who are the principal recipients of government support(More)
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