Benjamin Kedem

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We consider m distributions in which the Ž rst mƒ 1 are obtained by multiplicative exponential distortions of the mth distribution, which is a reference. The combined data from m samples, one from each distribution, are used in the semiparametric large-sample problem of estimating each distortion and the reference distribution and testing the hypothesis(More)
Escherichia coli K (JM109) and E. coli B (BL21) are strains used routinely for recombinant protein production. These two strains grow and respond differently to environmental factors such as glucose and oxygen concentration. The differences have been attributed to differential expression of individual genes that constitute certain metabolic pathways that(More)
A stochastic regression model is used in modeling rain rate. Under some conditions on the model parameters, it is shown that rain rate is asymptotically lognormal. An application of the model to the GATE (global atmospheric research program, Atlantic tropical experiment) data shows a remarkable agreement between the assumed and estimated model parameters(More)
BACKGROUND A semiparametric density ratio method which borrows strength from two or more samples can be applied to moving window of variable size in cluster detection. The method requires neither the prior knowledge of the underlying distribution nor the number of cases before scanning. In this paper, the semiparametric cluster detection procedure is(More)