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Overview of the Patent Machine Translation Task at the NTCIR-10 Workshop
This paper gives an overview of the Patent Machine Translation Task (PatentMT) at NTCIR-9 by describing the test collection, evaluation methods, and evaluation results. Expand
Active Learning with Sampling by Uncertainty and Density for Word Sense Disambiguation and Text Classification
This paper addresses two issues of active learning. Firstly, to solve a problem of uncertainty sampling that it often fails by selecting outliers, this paper presents a new selective samplingExpand
Multi-aspect Sentiment Analysis with Topic Models
We investigate the efficacy of topic model based approaches to two multi-aspect sentiment analysis tasks that utilize only minimal prior knowledge -- in the form of seed words -- to enforce a direct correspondence between topics and aspects. Expand
Active Learning With Sampling by Uncertainty and Density for Data Annotations
This paper presents two techniques, sampling by uncertainty and density (SUD) and density-based re-ranking, in which density and uncertainty criteria are considered simultaneously to select the most informative unlabeled example for human annotation at each learning cycle. Expand
Joint Bilingual Sentiment Classification with Unlabeled Parallel Corpora
We present a novel approach for joint bilingual sentiment classification at the sentence level that augments available labeled data in each language with unlabeled parallel data. Expand
Chinese Work Segmentation without Using Lexicon and Hand-crafted Training Data
This paper presents a new algorithm for segmenting Chinese texts without making use of any lexicon and hand-crafted linguistic resource. Expand
Aspect-Based Opinion Polling from Customer Reviews
This paper studies aspect-based opinion polling from unlabeled free-form textual customer reviews without requiring customers to answer any questions. Expand
Morpheme-based Derivation of Bipolar Semantic Orientation of Chinese Words
This paper presents a method, based on Turney (2003), for inferring the SO of a word from its statistical association with strongly-polarized words and morphemes in Chinese. Expand
Multi-aspect opinion polling from textual reviews
This paper presents an unsupervised approach to aspect-based opinion polling from raw textual reviews without explicit ratings. Expand
Narrative assessment for Cantonese-speaking children.
BACKGROUND This study examined the narrative skills of Cantonese-speaking school-age children to fill a need for a normative language test for school-age children. PURPOSE To provide a benchmark ofExpand