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What Are We Doing Here? Analyzing Fifteen Years of Energy Scholarship and Proposing a Social Science Research Agenda
Social science related disciplines, methods, concepts, and topics remain underutilized, and perhaps underappreciated, in contemporary energy studies research. To make this case, the article offersExpand
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An agenda for sustainability transitions research: State of the art and future directions
Research on sustainability transitions has expanded rapidly in the last ten years, diversified in terms of topics and geographical applications, and deepened with respect to theories and methods.Expand
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Conceptualizing and measuring energy security: A synthesized approach
This article provides a synthesized, workable framework for analyzing national energy security policies and performance. Drawn from research interviews, survey results, a focused workshop, and anExpand
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The political economy of energy poverty: A review of key challenges
This review specifically investigates the concepts of energy poverty and energy ladders. It provides the most current available data on energy poverty, electrification, and dependency on biomassExpand
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Powering the Green Economy: The Feed-in Tariff Handbook
Effective policy is vital for creating greener economies, new jobs and industries, for securing energy supplies and for protecting the climate and environment. As renewable energy is fundamental toExpand
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An international comparison of four polycentric approaches to climate and energy governance
Drawing from work on governance, this article explores four programs and policies that respond in some way to the challenges induced by climate change and modern energy use. Relying primarily onExpand
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New frontiers and conceptual frameworks for energy justice
This article explores how concepts from justice and ethics can inform energy decision-making and highlight the moral and equity dimensions of energy production and use. It defines “energy justice” asExpand
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Who governs energy? The challenges facing global energy governance
This article conceptualizes the energy problems facing society from a global governance perspective. It argues that a notion of "global energy governance," taken to mean international collectiveExpand
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Energy policymaking in Denmark: Implications for global energy security and sustainability
Denmark is arguably the most energy secure and sustainable country in the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The country has reduced its dependence on foreign sources ofExpand
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Integrating social science in energy research
This article reflects on the state of the energy studies field, and it proposes recommendations for better integrating social science into energy research. Realizing a future energy system that isExpand
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