Benjamin K. Chan

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Increasing prevalence and severity of multi-drug-resistant (MDR) bacterial infections has necessitated novel antibacterial strategies. Ideally, new approaches would target bacterial pathogens while exerting selection for reduced pathogenesis when these bacteria inevitably evolve resistance to therapeutic intervention. As an example of such a management(More)
With the growing global antimicrobial resistance crisis, there is a critical need for alternatives to conventional antibiotics, especially in developing countries. Virulent bacteriophages (phages) represent a viable antibacterial technology that could be particularly beneficial, since phages are active against antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, easy to(More)
  • Kwok-Kan 陳國勤(chan, Y Achituv, +58 authors Chen Cy
  • 2010
Antennular sensory organs in cyprids of balanomorphan cirripedes: standardizing terminology using Megabalanus rosa ", Biofouling,Description of a new species of the Agauopsis ornata group (Acari: Halacaridae) from Zanzibar, Tanzania including a key to species of the ornata group sensu stricto", of Amphibalanus (Balanus) amphitrite (Cirripedia: Thoracica) in(More)
systematics of Zopfiella and allied genera: evidence from multi-gene sequence analyses. (2006). Variation between freshwater and terrestrial fungal communities on decaying bamboo culms. (2006). LC-MS analysis of antifouling agent Irgarol 1051 and its decyclopropylated degradation product in seawater from marinas in Hong Kong. Talanta 70: 91-96. Burrow(More)
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