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The power consumed by a circuit varies according to the activity of its individual transistors and other components. As a result, measurements of the power used by actual computers or microchips contain information about the operations being performed and the data being processed. Cryptographic designs have traditionally assumed that secrets are manipulated(More)
The goal of a side‐channel resistance validation program is to assess whether a cryptographic module utilizing side‐ channel analysis countermeasures can provide resistance to these attacks commensurate with the desired security level. While, no standardized testing program can guarantee resistance against all attacks, an effective program should be able to(More)
Cryptosystem designers frequently assume that secrets will be manipulated in closed, reliable computing environments. Unfortunately, actual computers and microchips leak information about the operations they process. This paper examines speci c methods for analyzing power consumption measurements to nd secret keys from tamper resistant devices. We also(More)
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