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Differential Power Analysis
This paper examines specific methods for analyzing power consumption measurements to find secret keys from tamper resistant devices. Expand
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Introduction to differential power analysis
The power consumed by a circuit varies according to the activity of its individual transistors and other components. Expand
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A testing methodology for side channel resistance
The goal of a side‐channel resistance validation program is to assess whether a cryptographic module utilizing side‐ channel analysis countermeasures can provide resistance to these attacksExpand
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The intel random number generator
We introduce a silicon-based random number generator (RNG) integrated into IA platforms for use by applications. Expand
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Copyright 2002-2003 by Cryptography Research, Inc. (CRI). All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This report should not be construed as recommending for or against the use of anyExpand
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Known Attacks against Smartcards
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Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is , of course , in a state of sin
Almost all cryptographic protocols require the generation and use of secret values that must be unknown to attackers. For example, random number generators are required to generate public/privateExpand
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Perfectionnement de normes cryptographiques et autres procedes cryptographiques a reduction des fuites pour cartes a puces et autres systemes cryptographiques
La presente invention concerne des procedes et dispositifs perfectionnant les standards cryptographiques et durcissant les protocoles cryptographiques contre les agressions par surveillance. EnExpand
Procede et appareil de prevention de piraterie de contenu numerique
Une unite de droits cryptographique securisee (225) permettant de reguler sur le plan cryptographique l'acces a un contenu numerique (215) comprend un processeur de commande d'interface (235) et uneExpand