Benjamin Johnston

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Excystation in vitro ofBucephaloides gracilescens metacercaria is a two-stage event. An initial, passive phase of peptic digestion for 1 h at pH 2 removes much of the outer, fibrous and cellular capsule of host origin. The second, active phase is triggered by a rise in environmental pH (to pH 7.2) which stimulates muscular activity in the metacercaria(More)
Rich computer simulations or quantitative models can enable an agent to realistically predict real-world behavior with precision and performance that is difficult to emulate in logical formalisms. Unfortunately, such simulations lack the deductive flexibility of techniques such as formal logics and so do not find natural application in the deductive(More)
Ontologies are a powerful means for expressing and sharing knowledge in a meaningful way, and are becoming accepted as a viable modelling approach. The purpose of this paper is to enhance the representations used by robots by incorporating ontologies and implementing reasoning services that can exploit the information inherent within ontology based(More)
This article discusses human environmental rights, obstacles to community autonomy, and progress toward achieving environmental justice. An overview is provided of human environmental abuse case studies that are included in this issue of the "Human Ecology" journal. UN human rights include, for instance, the right to an adequate standard of living,(More)
A unit of whole donor blood, the plasma of which contained anti-Kell antibody, was transfused into a Kell-negative patient who had received a unit of Kell-positive blood 4 weeks previously. A haemolytic transfusion reaction ensued. The antibody had gone undetected in routine automated screening of the donor blood. Automated antibody detection techniques do(More)
Reproductive stress is apparent inAbra alba as a result of infection with the sporocysts ofBucephaloides gracilescens, culminating in castration in heavily infected specimens. The bivalve is also subject to mechanical stress from actively growing sporocyst tubules and nutritional stress due to the nutrient requirement of large numbers of germ balls within(More)
Meaningfully managing the relationship between representations and the entities they represent remains a challenge in robotics known as grounding. Useful insights can be found by approaching robotic systems development specifically with the grounding and symbol grounding problem in mind. In particular, Semantic Web technologies turn out to be not merely(More)