Benjamin J Stapley

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We introduce here i, i + 3 and i, i + 4 side chain interactions into the modified Lifson-Roig helix-coil theory of Doig et al. (1994, Biochemistry 33:3396-3403). The helix/coil equilibrium is a function of initiation, propagation, capping, and side chain interaction parameters. If each of these parameters is known, the helix content of any isolated peptide(More)
Successful information retrieval from biomedical literature databases is becoming increasingly difficult. We have developed a prototype system for retrieving and visualizing information from literature and genomic databases using gene names. The premise of our work is that, if two genes have a related biological function, the co-occurrence of two gene names(More)
BACKGROUND Text mining has spurred huge interest in the domain of biology. The goal of the BioCreAtIvE exercise was to evaluate the performance of current text mining systems. We participated in Task 2, which addressed assigning Gene Ontology terms to human proteins and selecting relevant evidence from full-text documents. We approached it as a modified(More)
In this paper we discuss the performance of a text-based classification approach by comparing different types of features. We consider the automatic classification of gene names from the molecular biology literature, by using a support-vector machine method. Classification features range from words, lemmas and stems, to automatically extracted terms. Also,(More)
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