Benjamin J Richards

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The entity of an occult tight filum terminale syndrome, characterized by clinical findings consistent with a tethered cord syndrome, but with the conus ending in a normal position, has been recognized recently. The indications for sectioning the filum terminale in this situation are not well characterized and are controversial. We report a retrospective(More)
We describe a series of 100 cases of prenatal genetic diagnosis using the technique of chorion villus sampling. The advantage of chorion villus sampling in terms of earlier diagnosis, and its disadvantage of a higher incidence of false results, compared with amniocentesis, are noted. The comparative risks for pregnancy loss are discussed.
Central to malaria pathogenesis is the invasion of human red blood cells by Plasmodium falciparum parasites. Following each cycle of intracellular development and replication, parasites activate a cellular program to egress from their current host cell and invade a new one. The orchestration of this process critically relies upon numerous organised(More)
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