Benjamin J. Puttnam

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We report the development of a space division multiplexed (SDM) transmission system consisting of a 19-core fiber and 19-core Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA). A new 19-core fiber with an improved core arrangement was employed to achieve a low aggregated inter-core crosstalk of -42 dB at 1550 nm over 30 km. The EDFA uses shared free-space optics for pump(More)
A 10Gb/s NRZ burst-mode optical receiver suitable for receiving asynchronous bursts with power variations of up to 7 dB is presented. The digital burst mode receiver is based on a standard AC-coupled photodiode followed by asynchronous analogue to digital conversion at 20 GS/s. Symbol timing, amplitude and baseline wander corrections are implemented in(More)
We investigate a high-capacity, space-division-multiplexed (SDM) transmission system using self-homodyne detection (SHD) in multi-core fiber (MCF). We first investigate SHD phase noise cancellation with both kHz and MHz range linewidths for both quadrature-phase shift-keyed (QPSK) and 16 quadrature-amplitude modulation (16QAM) signals, finding that phase(More)
We experimentally investigate single-parity check (SPC) coded spatial superchannels based on polarization-multiplexed 16-ary quadrature amplitude modulation (PM-16QAM) for multicore fiber transmission systems, using a 7-core fiber. We investigate SPC over 1, 2, 4, 5 or 7 cores in a back-to-back configuration and compare the sensitivity to uncoded PM-16QAM,(More)
We investigate the phase squeezing characteristics of non-degenerate phase-sensitive-amplifiers (PSAs) based on periodically-poled-lithium-niobate (PPLN) waveguides. We implement two PSA configurations with phase insensitive idler generation performed in both highly-non-linear-fiber (HNLF) and PPLN waveguides. In both cases we demonstrate regeneration of a(More)
We investigate the performance of a self-homodyne coherent detection (SHCD) system using a 19 core multi-core fiber (MCF) and 16 wavelength-division-multiplexed channels. We show that SHCD, with the pilot-tone transmitted on a single MCF core and information carrying signals on the remaining cores, is compatible with space-division-multiplexed transmission,(More)
We review work on self-homodyne detection (SHD) for optical communication systems. SHD uses a transmitted pilot-tone (PT), originating from the transmitter laser, to exploit phase noise cancellation at a coherent receiver and to enable transmitter linewidth tolerance and potential energy savings. We give an overview of SHD performance, outlining the key(More)
Optical wavelength conversion (OWC) is expected to be a desirable function in future optical transparent networks. Since high-order quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) is more sensitive to the phase noise, in the OWC of high-order QAM signals, it is crucial to suppress the extra noise introduced in the OWC subsystem, especially for the scenario with(More)
An all-optical regenerator architecture for quadrature phase shift keying format using periodically poled lithium niobate waveguides is presented. As opposed to current fiber-based solutions, the proposed phase-sensitive structure offers small size and good stability while granting similarly efficient operation. Direct quadratic non-linear interactions are(More)