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Zion’s Foundation
Abstract: The difficulties in interpreting Isa 28,16, a foundational text for the Hebrew Bible’s Zion tradition as well as Jewish and Christian theology, are many. The present study does not attemptExpand
Hide or hue?: defining Hebrew taḥash
A (New) Old Iranian Etymology for Biblical Aramaic אֲדַרְגָּזַר
Despite the many advances that have taken place in our understanding of the Hebrew Bible’s Old Iranian terminology, the donor terms of several words have remained elusive. Among them is BiblicalExpand
251-03 Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures
Daniel: A Commentary
111-20 Theological Foundations
Unraveling Hebrew שַׁעַטְנֵז
Hebrew שַׁעַטְנֵז, which refers to a mixed fabric, occurs only in Lev 19:19 and Deut 22:11 in prohibitions of various mixtures. Its meaning is clear, but its etymology has hitherto eluded a convincingExpand