Benjamin J. Mason

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OBJECTIVE To report a possible case of serotonin syndrome associated with coadministration of tramadol hydrochloride and sertraline hydrochloride. CASE SUMMARY A 42-year-old woman developed atypical chest pain, sinus tachycardia, confusion, psychosis, sundowning, agitation, diaphoresis, and tremor. She was taking multiple medications, including tramadol(More)
Utilization review of metoclopramide conducted at the Ambulatory Care Center at the Veterans Administration Medical Clinic in Boise, Idaho, revealed that a substantial proportion of prescriptions were written for indications that were considered inappropriate. After further evaluation, it was found that the medical literature supported metoclopramide use(More)
Of the 31 validated species in the genus Bartonella, 11 are agents of serious infectious diseases of humans, among them Carrión’s disease, trench fever, cat-scratch disease, and bacillary angiomatosis. Bartonella are extremely widespread, having been found in virtually every type of mammal surveyed. As facultative intracellular parasites employing(More)
which are often used to illustrate this type of data, give disproportionately large values in subjects with a low initial F.E.V.1 and must be corrected to the normal distribution if used for analysis-for example, by a logit transformation (Oldham, 1968). A simple alternative method, which has been used here, is to consider only the actual changes in(More)
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