Benjamin J. Kadlec

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We present a web client-server service WEB-IS for remote analysis and visualization of seismic data consisting for both small and large earthquakes. We show that a problem-solving environment (PSE) designed for predicting of large magnitude earthquakes can be based on this WEB-IS idea. The clustering schemes, feature generation, feature extraction(More)
The faster growth curves in the speed of GPUs relative to CPUs in the past decade and its rapidly gained popularity have spawned a new area of development in computational technology. In the past several years, non-graphical applications have been adapted to the GPU by means of several improved programming models. There is much potential in utilizing GPUs(More)
—Visualizing and analyzing datasets in the geosciences is becoming increasingly complicated as their volumes are growing explosively. This poses a challenging problem for researchers who must sift through terabytes of data to discover useful relationships inside the information. There is a great need for geophysicists to interactively explore their data(More)
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