Benjamin J Gerovac

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Two low-functioning mentally retarded subjects learned to name food items after receptive exclusion training, conducted as follows: The subjects first learned to select a small number of foods in a two-choice matching-to-sample task. For one subject, the samples were dictated names; for the other, the samples were manual signs. They also learned to name(More)
The epithelium that lines the conducting airways is composed of several distinct cell types that differentiate from common progenitor cells. The signals that control fate selection and differentiation of ciliated cells, a major component of the epithelium, are not completely understood. Ciliated cell differentiation can be accomplished in vitro when primary(More)
Loss of ciliated cells and increases in goblet cells are seen in respiratory diseases such as asthma. These changes result in part from reduced differentiation of basal progenitor cells to ciliated cells during injury and repair. The T helper 2 cytokine, IL-13, has been shown to inhibit ciliated cell differentiation, but the mechanism is not clearly(More)
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