Benjamin J.E. Martin

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Changes in plasma corticosterone (CCS) levels following intraperitoneal injections of nicotine were measured in four inbred mouse strains: DBA/2Ibg, C57BL/6Ibg, C3H/2Ibg, and A/J. In all four strains, nicotine produced a dose-dependent (0.5-2.0 mg/kg nicotine) increase in plasma CCS levels which peaked 10-30 min after injection. Saline increased plasma CCS(More)
Mammalian cardiac muscle contains two myosin alkali light chains: 1) the atrial light chain (MLC1A), and 2) the ventricular light chain (MLC1V) predominantly expressed either in the atrium or in the ventricle. In this report we describe the isolation and characterization of the complete gene for rat MLC1V. The rat MLC1V gene is approximately 6.5 kb long and(More)
Acute exposure to nicotine produces an elevation of plasma corticosterone levels in rodents. The consequences of repeated exposure to nicotine administered intraperitoneally (IP) were examined in three inbred strains of mice, DBA/2Ibg, C3H/2Ibg and A/J. These strains of mice have been shown previously to differ in a variety of behavioral and physiological(More)
Differences in resistance to 3-mercaptopropionic acid (MP)-induced seizures exist between DBA/2Ibg and C57BL/6Ibg inbred strains of mice; C57BL/6Ibg mice are more resistant to MP-induced seizures. To determine the mode of inheritance for seizure resistance, a classical genetic analysis was conducted using these two parental strains, their F1, F2, and(More)
Running title: Divergent amino acids dictate chromatin structure. Abstract Histones are among the most conserved proteins known, but organismal differences do exist. In this study we examined the contribution that divergent amino acids within histone H3 make to cell growth and chromatin structure in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. We show that, while amino acids(More)
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