Benjamin J. C. Yuan

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Considering the time-series ARIMA(p, d, q) model and fuzzy regression model, this paper develops a fuzzy ARIMA (FARIMA) model and applies it to forecasting the exchange rate of NT dollars to US dollars. This model includes interval models with interval parameters and the possibility distribution of future values is provided by FARIMA. This model makes it(More)
The scientific projects are characterized of requiring high performance computing resources, complex configuration environment, and massive storage. Compared with the traditional grid computing that has been employed by scientific projects for decades, the emerging cloud computing technology offers scientists an alternative of acceptable computing(More)
In this paper, a novel hybrid model for fitting and forecasting a univariate time series is developed based on ARIMA and HyFIS models. The linear part is fitted using ARIMA model whereas the non-linear residual is fitted using HyFIS model. Clustering technique is used to determine the number of inputs and the membership functions of the HyFIS model. The(More)
Disaster recovery sites are an important mechanism in continuous IT system operations. Such mechanisms can sustain IT availability and reduce business losses during natural or human-made disasters. Concerning the cost and risk aspects, the IT disaster-recovery site selection problems are multi-criterion decision making (MCDM) problems in nature. For such(More)
The fuzzy front-end plays a most crucial part in new product development (NPD), leading to the success of product development and product launch in the market. This study proposes a novel method, TTRI_MP, by combining Crawford and Di Benedetto's model and Cooper's model, to strengthen the management of the fuzzy front-end. The proposed method comprises four(More)
Many products of machinery industry that produced in Taiwan ranked within top-ten exports countries around the world. However with the dynamic change in both the internal and external environment, production volume, imports and exports dropped simultaneously in 2001. In order to strengthen the industry's competitive advantage, we propost: ten sustainable(More)