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Mutiny from Victoria to Vladivostok, December 1918
<p> Six weeks after the Armistice was signed in 1918, a contingent of Canadian soldiers mobilized for battle in a new theatre of war – Siberia. The day of their departure, 21 December 1918, QuebecoisExpand
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The Left in British Columbia: A History of Struggle by Gordon Hak (review)
of the period. His interview sample was predominantly male, and skewed more towards former campus radicals and labour leaders than worker activists. Nonetheless, this collection of primary sourceExpand
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The Hospital Employees' Union Strike and the Privatization of Medicare in British Columbia, Canada
Abstract In April 2004, the Hospital Employees' Union (HEU) waged an illegal strike that mobilized sections of British Columbia's working class to the brink of a general sympathetic strike.Expand
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Chapter Four. Other Lefts
Chapter Three. Socialism Postponed
Gordon Hak, the Left in British Columbia: A History of Struggle
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