Benjamin Iñiguez

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We present an analytical calculation for the surface-potential and a surface-potential-based drain current model in AlGaAs/GaAs HEMT devices. We have developed a precise analytical calculation for the position of the Fermi level E<sub>f</sub> in these devices from a consistent solution of Schro&#x0308;dinger's and Poisson's equations. The accuracy of our(More)
In the last few years the Tunnel-FET has become one of the promising devices to be the successor of the MOSFET due to its CMOS compatibility and steep subthreshold slopes (S) below 60 mV/dec. In this paper a 2D physics-based analytical model for Tunnel-FETs is introduced. It predicts a 2D band-to-band tunneling probability calculation through(More)
The ongoing scaling of semiconductor devices is leading to a growing influence of discrete dopants on the device electrostatics. This discretization is accompanied by an increasing dependency of the resulting device currents on the dopant distribution. Hence, the need to consider random dopant fluctuations (RDF) in compact models is a necessity to predict(More)
This letter presents an RF noise model for AlGaN/GaN HEMTs. The model is based on active line approach and concept of two ports linear noise theory. Short channel effects such as channel length modulation and velocity saturation are considered in the model. The noise generated from the pinch off region is taken into account as well. Some of FET noise(More)
This paper presents Double Gate (DG) MOSFET models of the temperature dependences as part of a compact analytical model for the direct tunneling gate leakage and Trap-Assisted-Tunneling (TAT) current. We compare the adapted modeling calculations with experimental data of the gate leakage current in Trigate MOSFETs at various temperatures. The results of the(More)
In this paper, we develop an analytical model to simulate strained silicon NMOSFETs, which allows to describe the drain current. Numerical simulations were performed in order to validate the model, where different technological parameters were considered (e.g. impurity concentrations in Si<sub>1-y</sub>Ge<sub>y</sub> and strained-silicon films). A good(More)
Polymeric solar cells have attracted much attention during the last years due to their lower fabrication cost and possibility of using flexible substrates. However, their efficiency is still less than 5%. Among factors affecting solar cells efficiency, the active layer morphology related to blend preparation and annealing, is one of the most important. In(More)
In this paper, we propose to derive an analytical model for the doped symmetric double-gate (DG) MOSFET that is valid in all regions of operation. We show that doping the silicon channel can be converted in an equivalent silicon thickness and threshold voltage shift using a formalism developed for the undoped device. Adopting the same physical parameters,(More)
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