Benjamin Holland

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It is known that the Kimura 3ST model of sequence evolution on phylogenetic trees can be extended quite naturally to arbitrary split systems. However, this extension relies heavily on mathematical peculiarities of the associated Hadamard transformation, and providing an analogous augmentation of the general Markov model has thus far been elusive. In this(More)
Persons with hearing loss use visual signals such as gestures and lip movement to interpret speech. While hearing aids and cochlear implants can improve sound recognition, they generally do not help the wearer localize sound necessary to leverage these visual cues. In this paper, we design and evaluate visualizations for spatially locating sound on a(More)
This paper presents a demo of our Security Toolbox to detect novel malware in Android apps. This Toolbox is developed through our recent research project funded by the DARPA Automated Program Analysis for Cybersecurity (APAC) project. The adversarial challenge ("Red") teams in the DARPA APAC program are tasked with designing sophisticated malware to test(More)
AIMS To quantify the numbers of live cattle, sheep and poultry imported into New Zealand and, where possible, their country of origin from 1860 to 1979. METHODS Information on the origin and number of live animal importations into New Zealand was collected for cattle, sheep and poultry for the period 1868-1979 from the annual reports compiled by the New(More)
43 of 46 consecutive patients with suspected rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysm could be examined by spiral CT. Rupture of an abdominal vessel was found in 18 patients and proved by surgery. Size and extent of the aneurysm, rupture, dissection and vascular occlusion were demonstrated quickly and precisely by spiral CT, planning of surgical intervention(More)
Adenoma sebaceum, also known as Pringle's tumour, is frequently associated with tuberous sclerosis (Bourneville's disease); if the lungs are involved, however, the clinical course is different from that of the "classical" type of the combination of these two diseases without lung involvement. The case record of a woman patient in whom the lung was affected,(More)
We have compared the value of MRI with conventional radiography and CT in 40 predominantly sclerotic skeletal lesions. We have found that sclerosis and other changes in the bone structure can be demonstrated by MRI in much the same way as with conventional radiography and CT. Using high resolution surface coils, it is possible to demonstrate small areas of(More)
Immutability analysis is important to software testing, verification and validation (V&V) because it can be used to identify independently testable functions without side-effects. Existing tools for immutability analysis are largely academic prototypes that have not been rigorously tested for accuracy or have not been maintained and are unable to(More)