Benjamin Holland

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This paper presents a demo of our Security Toolbox to detect novel malware in Android apps. This Toolbox is developed through our recent research project funded by the DARPA Automated Program Analysis for Cybersecurity (APAC) project. The adversarial challenge ("Red") teams in the DARPA APAC program are tasked with designing sophisticated malware to test(More)
Undifferentiated cells have been identified in the prenatal blastocyst, inner cell mass, and gonadal ridges of rodents and primates, including humans. After isolation these cells express molecular and immunological markers for embryonic cells, capabilities for extended self-renewal, and telomerase activity. When allowed to differentiate, embryonic stem(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine inter- and intra-examiner repeatability of measurements of interpupillary distance (IPD). Three methods were used: Viktorin's, corneal reflection, and pupillometer. In Experiment 1, an experienced optometrist measured IPD on forty-nine subjects, on two occasions, using each method. In Experiment 2, thirty-five(More)
Persons with hearing loss use visual signals such as gestures and lip movement to interpret speech. While hearing aids and cochlear implants can improve sound recognition, they generally do not help the wearer localize sound necessary to leverage these visual cues. In this paper, we design and evaluate visualizations for spatially locating sound on a(More)
Book reviews Books for review If you would like to review a book, and thereby to retain it for your collection, please contact the Book Reviews Editor, whose details can be found by clicking on 'books available for review' in the information on the Royal Statistical Society's Web site: This is a companion to an earlier book (Atkin-son and Riani, 2000), both(More)
Automated static analysis tools are widely used in identifying software anomalies, such as memory leak, unsafe thread synchronization and malicious behaviors in smartphone applications. Such anomaly-prone scenarios can be bifurcated into: “ordinary” (analysis requires relatively simple automation) and “complex” (analysis poses extraordinary automation(More)
Immutability analysis is important to software testing, verification and validation (V&V) because it can be used to identify independently testable functions without side-effects. Existing tools for immutability analysis are largely academic prototypes that have not been rigorously tested for accuracy or have not been maintained and are unable to(More)
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