Benjamin Hohl

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Inoculation of newborn mice with the retrovirus Moloney murine leukemia virus (MuLV) results in the exclusive development of T lymphomas with gross thymic enlargement. The T-cell leukemogenic property of Moloney MuLV has been mapped to the U3 enhancer region of the viral promoter. However, we now describe a mutant Moloney MuLV which can induce the rapid(More)
During the postpartum period, lactation is initiated by a massive release of prolactin which, in turn, reflects reduced dopaminergic inhibition of the pituitary lactotrophs. This postpartum prolactin rise can be prevented by administration of dopamine agonists. The release of thyrotropin (TSH) is also controlled by dopaminergic inputs and, therefore, TSH(More)
Airway control and maintenance of effective assisted ventilation are an absolute priority in emergency medicine. Developed by Brain in 1988, the laryngeal mask offers a new means of ventilation management and is a reliable compromise between the face mask and endotracheal tubing. The laryngeal mask ensures no protection against gastric contents inhalation(More)
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