Benjamin Hille

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Small-animal intubation is often necessary during inhalation anesthesia to allow steady-state conditions for large operations and in vivo experiments in all fields of experimental surgery. In rats, placing an orotracheal tube is technically difficult primarily because of the small size of the subject and the lack of equipment specifically designed for this(More)
Apples show biennial fluctuations in yields (alternate bearing). The alternate bearing cycle can be broken by reducing excessive flowers using either chemical or mechanical means. Currently, automatic thinning systems are treating the trees uniformly despite the fact that neighbouring trees can have a very different numbers of flowers resulting in different(More)
A screening procedure which permits identification of compounds based on their activities against specific biological targets directly in a living organism, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, has been established as part of our new drug discovery programme. Use of this assay has provided the first direct evidence that TOP1 and RAD52 proteins are involved in the mode(More)
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