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A versatile and integrated tunable diode laser system for high precision measurements of the important sulfur gas carbonyl sulfide is described. We explicitly address some of the-major factors affecting tunable diode laser measurement precision as well as accuracy and have implemented a number of new features for increased system control and versatility.(More)
High-sensitivity detection of formaldehyde (CH2O) at 3.5315 micrometers (2831.64 cm-1) is reported with a diode-laser-pumped, fiber-coupled, periodically poled LiNbO3 spectroscopic source. This source replaced the Pb-salt diode laser Dewar assembly of an existing tunable diode-laser absorption spectrometer designed for ultrasensitive detection of CH2O.(More)
Polyacrylate (PA), which is widely used in disposable diapers, is synthesized by polymerization and cross-linking of acrylate. During the synthesis, 3–6% of the polyacrylate polymers is not incorporated into the absorbent material, but remains soluble. If the soluble PA is mobilized from a landfill, it could enter the groundwater. Therefore, the(More)
1. Two cases of a combined epithelial odontogenic tumor which had areas of AOT and CEOT were presented. 2. A review of the studies on histogenesis of the AOT revealed that the tumor probably consists of preameloblasts, stratum intermedium, and stellate reticulum. 3. A review of the studies on histogenesis of the CEOT revealed that the probable origin was in(More)
We present two new approaches in tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) for measuring the ratio of two components with high precision. These techniques, dual line fitting analysis and jump scanning, greatly extend the versatility and applicability of TDLAS. Three important applications for these approaches are discussed. In addition, we(More)
Over the decades, the question why did neural organisation emerge in the way that it did? has proved to be massively elusive. Whilst much of the literature paints a picture of common ancestry the idea that a species at the root of the tree of nervous system evolution spawned numerous descendants the actual evolutionary forces responsible for such changes,(More)
CONTEXT Peroneal reaction to sudden inversion has been determined to be too slow to overcome the joint motion. A focused plyometric training program may decrease the muscle's reaction time. OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of a 6-wk plyometric training program on peroneus longus reaction time. DESIGN Repeated measures. SETTING University research(More)