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To date, 17 states have passed medical marijuana laws, yet very little is known about their effects. The current study examines the relationship between the legalization of medical marijuana and traffic fatalities, the leading cause of death among Americans ages 5 through 34. The first full year after coming into effect, legalization is associated with an 8(More)
PURPOSE To assess the relationship between foveal pit morphology and size of the foveal avascular zone (FAZ). METHODS Forty-two subjects were recruited. Volumetric images of the macula were obtained using spectral domain optical coherence tomography. Images of the FAZ were obtained using either a modified fundus camera or an adaptive optics scanning light(More)
Here we report on in vivo measurement of the mechanical behavior of a cell surface sensor using single-molecule atomic force microscopy. We focus on the yeast wall stress component sensor Wsc1, a plasma membrane protein that is thought to function as a rigid probe of the cell wall status. We first map the distribution of individual histidine-tagged sensors(More)
BACKGROUND For phylogenetic reconstructions, conflict in signal is a potential problem for tree reconstruction. For instance, molecular data from different cellular components, such as the mitochondrion and nucleus, may be inconsistent with each other. Mammalian studies provide one such case of conflict where mitochondrial data, which display compositional(More)
Over the years, the legal minimum dropout age has been raised to 18 in 21 states. Although these policy changes are often promoted for their educational benefits, they have also been shown to reduce crimes committed by youths in the affected age groups. However, an unintended consequence of increasing the minimum dropout age could be the displacement of(More)