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To date, 17 states have passed medical marijuana laws, yet very little is known about their effects. The current study examines the relationship between the legalization of medical marijuana and traffic fatalities, the leading cause of death among Americans ages 5 through 34. The first full year after coming into effect, legalization is associated with an 8(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Acetabular retroversion may result in anterior acetabular over-coverage and posterior deficiency. It is unclear how standard radiographic measures of retroversion relate to measurements from 3D models, generated from volumetric CT data. We sought to: (1) compare 2D radiographic measurements between patients with acetabular(More)
In this article, we introduce and provide details on a large-scale, cost-effective pathway to fabricating ultrahigh dense CuO nanowire arrays by thermal oxidation of Cu substrates in oxygen ambient. The CuO nanowires that are produced at ∼500 °C for ∼150 min feature an average length and diameter of ∼15 µm and ∼200 nm, respectively. The room temperature(More)
Over the years, the legal minimum dropout age has been raised to 18 in 21 states. Although these policy changes are often promoted for their educational benefits, they have also been shown to reduce crimes committed by youths in the affected age groups. However, an unintended consequence of increasing the minimum dropout age could be the displacement of(More)