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Is it possible to support the engineering processes with intelligent product models when the knowledge and information work is v ery complex? This paper describes how IT-supported product configuration can support the complex engineering activities carried out in the quotation processes. The research has been carried out at the Centre for Industrialisation(More)
  • D Mark Anderson, Benjamin Hansen, Daniel I Rees, Los Angeles, San Portland, San Diego +2 others
  • 2010
To date, 17 states have passed medical marijuana laws, yet very little is known about their effects. The current study examines the relationship between the legalization of medical marijuana and traffic fatalities, the leading cause of death among Americans ages 5 through 34. The first full year after coming into effect, legalization is associated with an 8(More)
BACKGROUND For phylogenetic reconstructions, conflict in signal is a potential problem for tree reconstruction. For instance, molecular data from different cellular components, such as the mitochondrion and nucleus, may be inconsistent with each other. Mammalian studies provide one such case of conflict where mitochondrial data, which display compositional(More)
Acrylamide is an industrial chemical used to manufacture polymers, and is produced in foods during cooking at high heat. Hemoglobin adducts provide a long-lived dosimeter for acrylamide and glycidamide. This study determined acrylamide and glycidamide hemoglobin adducts (AAVal and GAVal) during a lifetime carcinogenesis bioassay. Exposure to acrylamide in(More)
Intra-month cycles in household consumption and expenditure are considered hallmarks of dynamically inconsistent behavior. I find that Electronic Benefit Transfer reduced the severity of the these cycles for SNAP (food stamp) households with children and dual-parent households. The evidence suggests an explanation based on collective dynamic inconsistency –(More)
Over the years, the legal minimum dropout age has been raised to 18 in 21 states. Although these policy changes are often promoted for their educational benefits, they have also been shown to reduce crimes committed by youths in the affected age groups. However, an unintended consequence of increasing the minimum dropout age could be the displacement of(More)
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