Benjamin Han

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BACKGROUND Differences between blacks and whites have been reported in the incidence of several forms of cardiovascular disease, including hypertension and stroke. We examined racial differences in the incidence of cardiac arrest in a large urban population and in subsequent survival. METHODS We collected data on all nontraumatic, out-of-hospital cardiac(More)
To discriminate among all possible diagnoses using Hou's theory of measurement in diagnosis from first principles, one has to derive all minimal conflict sets from a known conflict set. However, the result derived from Hou's method depends on the order of node generation in CS-trees. We develop a derivation method with mark set to overcome this drawback of(More)
Finding useful information from large multimodal document collections such as the WWW without encountering numerous false positives poses a challenge to multimodal information retrieval systems (MMIR). A general model for multimodal information retrieval is proposed by which a user’s information need is expressed through composite, multimodal queries, and(More)
Falls are common events that threaten the independence and health of older adults. Studies have found a wide range of fall statistics in different ethnic and racial groups throughout the world. These studies suggest that fall rates may differ between different racial and ethnic groups. Studies also suggest that the location of falls, circumstances of falls,(More)
PURPOSE To explore correlates of meeting recommended physical activity (PA) goals among middle-aged and older Korean Americans at risk for diabetes mellitus (DM). DESIGN AND METHODS PA patterns and their correlates were assessed among 292 middle-aged and older Korean Americans at risk for DM living in New York City using cross-sectional design of baseline(More)
Automatic extraction and reasoning over temporal properties in natural language discourse has not had wide use in practical systems due to its demand for a rich and compositional, yet inference-friendly, representation of time. Motivated by our study of temporal expressions from the Penn Treebank corpora, we address the problem by proposing a two-level(More)
BACKGROUND The population of adults accessing opioid treatment is growing older, but exact estimates vary widely, and little is known about the characteristics of the aging treatment population. Further, there has been little research regarding the epidemiology, healt h status, and functional impairments in this population. OBJECTIVES To determine the(More)